Traveling the galaxy, hunting down evil. This is the life of Mighty Goose. One of the galaxy's most credited bounty hunters!

At the core Mighty Goose is a tight side scrolling run & gun shooter that will test your skill, timing, reflexes. Building upon that solid arcade base, the game adds a ton of crazy weapons, warmachines, upgrades and secrets.

Assume the role of Mighty Goose and bring the fight to the Void King. This galaxy conquering monarch commands a vast army of minions and mechanised monsters. Dealing with these baddies means traveling to distant worlds and facing all kinds of dangers. But not to worry, this is no problem for the legendary Mighty Goose!


Mighty Goose started out as a demo project for Patreon supporters. As the game development progressed, it steadily snowballed into an epic run & gun game.

At some point in early development Blastmode partnered up with MP2 Games to co-develop the game. Using MP2's Chowdren engine, Mighty Goose now runs on all major platforms.


・Fast-paced run-and-gun experience with tight controls.
・Battle against screen filling bosses that will test your skill, timing, and dodging
・Customize your playing style using a combination of upgrade chips, secondary weapons and assist characters.
・Pilot devastating war-machine vehicles to decimate large groups of enemies.
・Beautifully crafted vibrant pixel art worlds, vehicles and characters.
・An amazing soundtrack featuring crunchy synth-rock and funky jazz-fusion melodies. Composed by Dominic Ninmark (Moonrider, Blazing Chrome, Gravity Circuit).




Mighty Goose is a game developed by Blastmode

Co-developed and ported by MP2 Games

Published by PLAYISM (AGM)

Gameplay Programmer: Richard Lems
Engine Programmer: Mathias Kaerlev

Art Lead: Richard Lems
Pixel artist / Animator: Diane de Wilde

Music Composer: Dominic Ninmark
Sound Effects Designer: Richard Lems
Announcer Voice: Joshua Tomar

External QA Provided by Gears for Breakfast

Producer: Jonas Kaerlev
Producer: Simon Roth
QA Lead: Rob Young
QA Testers: Andreas Kaerlev, Anselm Volans, Jonas Astbro, Marc Eichhorn, Ville Valkonen

Independent External QA

QA Tester: Kevin Pietzner
QA Tester: Guilherme G. Dias

Special Thanks
Vadim / YellowAfterlife
René Otto
Martijn ten Bokum
Chris Waalberg
Jiri Swen
Tara Heather Kelly
Ojiro Fumoto

GodRay shader: Mikal From Kind Eye Games
Spritefont deluxe: Ossama 'Skymen' Jouini
Various Controtter Icons: Gabriel Cortabraz
Various Controtter Icons: Hyohnoo
Flag Icons: Pablo 'Reff SQ' Rodriguez
Sound Library: Boom Library
Sound Library: Universal Sound FX
Sound Library: Ultimate Sound FX
Various stock images: Unsplash

Construct Team
Mighty Goose was made using Construct 3

A very big thanks to the Construct team:
Ashley Gullen
Tom Gullen
Diego Marquez
Ian Shorter

AGM - Playism Staff

Executive Producer: Shunji Mizutani
Chief Manager: Taku Yamanaka

International Operation & Marketing
Sayuri Murabayashi
Elaine Wong
Helene Fessard
Kevin McVay

Localization / LQA

Taku Yamanaka


French, German, Spanish (Spain), Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Russian, Polish:

Localization Project Manager: René Fischer
LQA Team Lead: Yuuki Yoshizaki

Design (Playism, not the game)
Takahiro Nogita
Asuka Bailey

Programming (Playism, not the game)
Yoshio Tsujimoto
Mario Maqueo
Alex Passera

Shoya Kido

Quality Assurance (Playism, not the game)
Yasuyuki Ohara
Hideyuki Nagakura

Publishing Support
Nana Iba
Yukako Miyamoto

General Manager
JJ Shinji Futami

Ibai Vinas Ameztoy

Patreon supporters

Kevin 'Skebin' Pietzner
Howard Day
Nathanael Rowland
Steve Rynders
Rachid Abdul
Joseph Ferrari
Chris Kettle-Frisby
Jubilee '8pxl' / '16pxl'
Freddy Umlauf
Michael Duong
Steve Stamatiadis
Paul Zimmermann
Alejandro Martinez Chacin
Todd Gelman
昌平 氏家
Joshton A Thayer
Luke Aaron Shaw
Thomas Keys
Timm 'Derv' Litwinczuk
Koni Nordlund
Janet Vaher
Martijn van Steenbergen
Nico Billhardt
Roan Hageman
Joseph Robert Svoboda
Yustin Ogrodowski
Kirk Lindsay
William Everett McLean
Alex Choi
Sushi Joe
David Fernández Molina
Andrew Napierkowski
David Fernández Molina
Anatolijs Ropotovs
Aaron Cedillo
Felipe Jonas Pinheiro Luz
Eric Winter (Solly)